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Using the Systems Thinking Approach
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Open-Registration Workshops 2019

Strategic Thinking
- Learn to Think at a Higher Level and Be More Strategic in Your Outlook
2-Day Workshop
Choice of Dates:  
  • 11 & 12 July 2019, Singapore
  • 14 & 15 Nov 2019, Singapore

This workshop has had 15 successful public runs, and several dozen in-house runs.  In its
previous format combined with the Systems Thinking workshop as the Strategic & Systems
Thinking workshop, it had 18 successful runs.

Systems Approach to Strategic Management
- Agile Strategic Planning for Business Sustainability & Growth
3-Day Workshop
Choice of Dates:  
  • 29-31 May 2019, Singapore
  • 30 Oct - 01 Nov 2019, Singapore

This workshop has had 21 previous successful public runs in the 3-day format, and 6 previous
successful public runs in the 2-day format, prior to the above dates. It has also had several
dozen in-house runs

Strategic Management Master Class
- 3.5-Day Immersion Boot Camp in Facilitating Strategic Planning
Using the Systems Thinking Approach
Dates & Location:

(This program has had 4 previous successful runs in Singapore prior to the above dates.)

Gold Mastery Certification in Strategic Management
- A Comprehensive Program to Develop Strategic Leaders, comprising:
  • Learning Workshop
  • Master-Class and Immersion Boot Camp
  • Internship with Master-Level Facilitators

Strategy Implementation
- Ensuring Successful Implementation of Strategic Initiatives
2-Day Workshop
  • 05-06 Sep 2019, Singapore

This workshop has had 5 previous runs under the title "Leading Strategic Change" and 3
previous runs under the current title "Strategy Implementation".

Design Thinking
- Learn how to apply Human-Centred Design to Create New Value
3-Day Introductory Experiential Workshop
Choice of Dates:  

This workshop has previously been run as in-house customized workshop.  The full version of
the workshop totals 6 days in length.  This public run is a condensed 3-day introductory version.

In-House Workshops

All the above workshops offered as open-registration workshops are also
available as in-house programs upon request.  In addition, we also offer the
following workshops as in-house only programs:

Strategic & Systems Thinking
- Practical Thinking Tools for Greater Effectiveness
2-Day Workshop

This workshop has had over 20 successful public runs and dozens of in-house runs.
Starting 2015, this workshop is replaced by 2 separate workshops, the Strategic Thinking
workshop and the Systems Thinking workshop, in order to be more focused on the specific
outcomes of each of the two strands.  The workshop in its original form is still available as in-
house workshops to organizations who have a requirement a combined learning of Strategic &
Systems Thinking.

Strategic Planning Simplified
- Strategic Planning at Every Level of the Organization; at Unit, Divisional & Functional Levels
2-Day Workshop

This workshop has had 6 successful public runs, and over a dozen in-house runs.
Every morning in Africa
a gazelle wakes up,
It knows it must outrun
the fastest lion,
or it will be eaten...

Every morning a lion
wakes up,
It knows it must run
faster than the slowest
or it will starve...

It doesn't matter
whether you're a lion or
a gazelle;
when the sun comes up,
you'd better be up &
running !!
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01 - 04 Oct 2018
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